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Alondra Vega-Zaldivar

I love singing. Since I was 4 years old I knew I wanted to be a singer. 

In Canada I fell in love with Opera singing... and then with singing pieces by living composers. 

And so I created the Art Song Collaborative Project to bring everything together. 

I didn't realize that overtime I became a producer! And the myriad of hats I've had to don over the years have taught me quite a few useful skills to know if you want to live as an artist in Canada. 



This summer I will be producing AND performing my one woman opera Sophie with Bryn Blackwood at the pianoComing to the Toronto Fringe Festival at the Tank House Theatre, and to the Simcoe Theatre Festival at the Five Point Theatre, from July 5th to 23rd.

With Sabrina Merks and Valeria Bravo as co-directors, Judi Erickson as Stage Manager and Noah Hollinshead in the lighting design. 

For more info click here

I had high hopes for the 2020 production! It would have been my 5th production and 2020 just had a ring of importance to it! 

Little did I know...

Little did we all know... 

Like many I stayed home and observed as the world came to a stop. 

But thanks to the support of Canada Council for the Arts, in 2022 I managed to put into motion 'Terra's Resurgence'

We recorded 9 new pieces from Canadian, American and Iranian composers in Toronto. 

The pieces will be released as a YouTube series in April.

More details soon!

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