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Alondra Vega-Zaldivar


 Composing is a need I feel deep in my heart, a need to paint stories with sound and share them with the world. 


I am a performer, and I always have been. Performing is a spark in my core that shines with fire when I sing.


Teaching has taught me patience, endurance, determination and an indescribable feeling of joy.

I am a composer, a performer and a teacher, living in the city of Toronto. 

                     Sometimes I feel like one more than the others....                         

                                                  but I strive to balance the three aspects that make me

                                                            an artist.

                                  One of those crazy artists spread out in this city,   

                                                     working hard every day,

                                                           juggling a million dreams, 

                                                                and living

                                                                       one day at

                                                                                  a time. 

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